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South Valley United 2020 RECAP

South Valley United Family,

What a year 2020 has been…. we are grateful for you!!!

I hope I find you at a time when your family is preparing for the spirit of the holidays and are blessed with the comfort and company of your loved ones.  Christmas is a special time where we surround ourselves with family and friends who care for us unconditionally and have been by our side as we weather unpredictable storms.  I am a firm believer that we find strength through adversity and that we seek solutions through collaboration.  South Valley United (SVU) was built on the foundation of a community who believes in our youth and the goals of our club have never wavered, we strive to capture the passion of our players and families through soccer and instill disciplines that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Through our core values Creativity, Character, Commitment, Consistency, and Courage we hope to establish a Culture that will be what all SVU players represent and proudly share with our Community forever.  The roots of our club and soccer in the Southern Valley run deep and this sport, and our club, have long been a place where our youth have found connection and developed the life skills that have led them to success in their careers.  There is no greater reward for us as a club then to see our former players successfully pursue and proudly accomplish their life goals!  

On behalf of the SVU Board of Directors and coaching staff, I want to say, “Thank you”.  A soccer club is only as strong as its membership, and I am eternally grateful for each of you as we continue to travel a path of unknowns.  2020 has been challenging and we are grateful that you have stood with us in these difficult times.  In my 20+ years involved with youth soccer in our region, the messages of gratitude, acts of generosity and words of encouragement are unlike anything I have ever experienced.  This affirmation of unity within our club revealed just how strong the foundation of SVU truly is.   For us, this positivity has a direct correlation to our pursuit of excellence to make a difference in the lives of our youth, thank you for allowing us to serve your sons and daughters through the sport of soccer, even in the most difficult of times.

So much has changed – the world around us, our schools, gathering spaces, the places we work and call home. Life during COVID-19 has sparked emotional peaks and valleys.  We too, share the excitement and frustrations from changes one day to the next that 2020 has confronted us with.  As club leaders we attempt to gather our experience in life, business, community, and sport to prepare for obstacles we may face as a club.  It was a year of unknowns, it was a year of trying to hit a moving target, it was a year of perspective and to be candid, divide.  I say this in a membership message, certainly, not to create more division, but to recognize that each of us, rightfully, have our own perspective on how we choose to interpret the information we absorb.  As a club we are stronger through our diversity, being different is how we grow and learn from each other.  That requires the ability to maintain a mutual respect and understand that it takes all of us to accomplish our goals with SVU and its teams.  The framework of a team (and club) requires the commitment from each person to maximize full potential.  I have often told players and staff at every level, we are only as good as those around us, a team (and club) is made up of many parts and each has a role and responsibility to fulfill, if all parts are working towards a common goal in harmony, the unit is strong and difficult to overcome. 


Soon, and more than ever, I hope that we can come together as a club and appreciate the extended family that we have in SVU, a soccer family that extends beyond your respective team but is many teams, from many years that all believe in a common goal to be better tomorrow than we were today.  In a time of so much conflict and controversy, I hope that SVU is an outlet for your children to unite around their passion for the game and understand through our differences we can come together to accomplish amazing things, I truly believe sports can teach us so many things for life!

Moving forward, we are in constant contact with Neighborhood Church, NorCal, US Club and the state and local health department in an effort to be compliant and effectively communicate with our coaches to execute the guidance we receive.  As president of SVU, this situation, unlike any I have ever experienced has been challenging and I appreciate your patience and support as we navigated 2020 and work to return to normalcy for our players in 2021. 

State of the Club, as an organization, we are managing and evaluating the effects of the fiscal calendar year for our club.  SVU, fortunately is very healthy and made necessary adjustments to our expenditures as we were mandated to shut down for a portion of the year.  We are anxious and eager to continue the operations of the club as we know it and compete once again.  Our history as a youth club continues to be something, we are proud of, SVU will continue to strive to teach our youth the core values of the club while utilizing soccer as our platform to connect.  We are a club that seeks individuals who are motivated and eager to develop as soccer players and people and want to pursue the game at its highest levels.  We look forward to continuing to educate ourselves in the modern game and offer a service to our community that is a unique and memorable for all our players and families.  Here’s to 2021!!!

We are extremely grateful for our community partners; Valley Children’s, Robyn Icenhower & Associates, Raisels - National Raisin Company, Oak and Sofa Liquidators, Visalia Ceramic Tile, 4Creeks Creative, and Neighborhood Church.  The support of our partners in these difficult times are appreciated and we hope that our membership recognizes these businesses as part of our extended SVU Family.  SVU, is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, we always welcome local, regional, and national sponsors who have interest in partnering with our club.  If you have interest or know of a company with interest please let us know and we will facilitate the opportunity to join us as a corporate partner or provide an outlet for donation, thank you! 

We are hopeful that sometime during the coming weeks and months, we will look at this difficult time in the “rearview mirror.”  When we do, we will reflect on what we have learned, grow as a club and continue to provide a service to our community that has long been a part of so many youth soccer players in our area.

SVU will be taking a holiday break as released by our Director of Coaching, Renato Bustamante from December 17th, 2020- January 11th, 2021.  We encourage players, coaches, and families to safely enjoy their holidays.  Although the challenges of 2021 are unknown, we look forward to facing them together as an SVU Family.  We will not bill for the month of December and will resume billing in January 2021.

Thank you for your continued support. It means so much to all of us. Together, we will get through this.

In Soccer,

Jeremy F Schultz

Club President


South Valley United Membership Families

South Valley United Membership Registration is LIVE

South Valley United Membership,

         Thank you for for helping us navigate through these unprecedented times in club soccer history. South Valley United is eager and excited to provide second to none educational services, but it is our upmost responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our membership. 
This message will update you on the current stance of our two governing bodies; NorCal, Tulare County and SVU’s plan moving forward (subject to change — if Norcal or Tulare County update their guidelines).

Tulare County

US Soccer requires youth clubs to follow guidelines provided by their local county.   The latest information provided by Tulare County indicates that we are allowed to practice as a group as long as;
1. Everyone involved in the training remains 6 ft apart at all times.
2. Maintaining a stable cohort.
 South Valley United will organize our training environment to respects Tulare County’s Guidelines.  Membership will be responsible in understanding and adhering to the county’s guidelines. 


NorCal has not officially cancelled competition for the remainder of 2020 with the hope that things change. NorCal remains hopeful and ready to adapt to a competition format if the state guidelines change and allow competition. NorCal also pointed out colleges, high schools and universities across California have postponed fall competition so it is very probable that youth soccer will be officially postponed as well. Nonetheless they are ready if things change
South Valley United is also ready to adapt if guidelines change.  ** NorCal Frequently asked questions

South Valley United

South Valley United is committed to continuing to use the game of soccer as our vehicle to provide an educational environment that empowers our youth through physical, mental, emotional and social development. We firmly believe the environment provided by South Valley United is vital during these times to maintain our player’s mental, emotional, physical and social health.  The opportunity to train without the pressure of wins and losses, starting line ups, performance expectations, provides a unique environment to focus on growth and improvement. 


Starting on 9/1 we officially start our new season. 2020-21.

Registration costs $100 - yearly registration insures the player through US Soccer.
All players interested in training during the 2020-21 season need to register immediately because the 2019-20 Player’s insurance expires on 8/31 therefore starting on 9/1

Yearly registration is usually $190 — When  Norcal returns to normal and there are traditional     competitions then the remaining $90 will be charged.

Registration Link:

Please don’t forget to add the picture & Birth Certificate to the registration application!


$40 per month which commits coaches to 2 training sessions per week unless unforeseen conditions arise. (Weather, sickness, etc).
Players will be billed by the 5th of the current month. 

When NorCal returns to normal, monthly fee will be $50 per player.


South Valley United will enforce the county guidelines of maintaining 6 ft distance at all times.

Club training’s will include;
Technical Exercises (passing, ball handing, dribbling, shooting on goal, crossing etc)
Tactical Exercises (Body Positioning, timing, distances, field positioning etc)
Physical Conditioning ( Agility, Core, Strength etc)
Mental & Emotional exercises (Breathing, visualizing, reflecting etc) 

The safety and well being of our membership is extremely important and we want to remind everyone that if anyone is not feeling well or has been in contact with a person who tested positive for Covid-19, to please follow the county guidelines, communicate with your coach and refrain from attending a South Valley United practice. 

Registration Link:
Please don’t forget to add the picture & Birth Certificate to the registration application!

If anyone has any questions; please don’t hesitate to contact Renato Bustamante at or 312- 912 - 2949.


Renato Bustamante


VISALIA -South Valley United Soccer Club (SVU) is excited to announce the club has a new partnership with local real estate company, Robyn Icenhower and Associates. SVU will proudly sport the Robyn Icenhower and Associates logo on the back of their jerseys through May 2021, joining Valley Children as equipment partners of the youth organization. In addition, they are the presenting partner of the SVU Coaches game, where several hundred players and families attended a fun and often humorous afternoon of soccer, each participating coach took home a customized SVU and Robyn Icenhower and Associates co-branded souvenir shirt. Robyn Icenhower & Associates are the #1 highest producing real estate team in Kings and Tulare counties. As a licensed California Real Estate Broker, Robyn’s growing team of professionals not only consists of the most agents in the top 3% of sales production in the county, but also leads the luxury market with the most homes sold. Their mission is to create clients for life. Whether it be through their extensive marketing efforts or their dedicated customer service experts, they make sure that their clients are their number one priority in everything they do. Robyn Icenhower and Associates are more than just your Realtor, they are a connector and a resource for our community. “We believe in making a difference in our community,” comments Robyn. Whether it be with the members of her team, clients, other real estate agents, youth soccer players or members of the local community in general, Robyn Icenhower is committed to giving back to help others grow and reach their goals. “We are proud to partner with Robyn Icenhower and Associates as our missions align so closely in our community. It’s a partnership that embodies what both companies represent, focusing on the South Valley region, putting our community first, emphasis on serving those we work for and striving to help those we can connect with”, stated SVU President Jeremy Schultz. “Robyn Icenhower and her team truly exemplify what it means to believe in our community, it is a great opportunity for us to work together and make a difference in the lives of our youth. These relationships are so valuable to assist our organization in elevating the opportunities within the club by providing us the resources for strategic and long-term growth.” “I’m excited to partner with South Valley United as several members of Robyn Icenhower & Associates have children that participate on South Valley United teams, we are honored to be able to partner with the club and help to give back to the children of our local community,” stated Robyn Icenhower


About South Valley United: South Valley United (SVU) is one of the original competitive youth soccer organizations in the Central California region, based in Visalia, CA. SVU, established in 2002 is a youth soccer club that believes in the overall development of local athletes utilizing sport as a platform to build leaders of tomorrow. SVU’s mission is to provide a safe, supportive soccer community intent on developing elite youth soccer players. SVU strives to instill the fundamental traits of leadership through teamwork, success through hard work and inclusiveness through building camaraderie in community and club. For more information, visit

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 Meet our Raisels Player of the Month, Lelia!


Meet our Raisels Player of the Month, Lelia Mendez. Her coach, Mike, describes her as the most respectful and coachable player that he has ever trained. Lelia's focus is outstanding, she treats her teammates with respect and her work ethic is top-notch. Keep up the great work Lelia! 

 #playerofthemonth #svunited #raisels #raiselsplayerofthemonth #playerspotlight

#svunited #playerspotlight #rasielsplayerofthemonth #playerofthemonth #raisels #sours #sourraisins